• Rövid Leírás

W-GO Property Investment, Development and Management Group is a corporate group dealing with the management and development of properties and  logistic centres in its own investments.  The main proprietors of W-GO Group, two Israeli stake companies, have carried out investments in ten countries worldwide in the past 40 years, however, the founder and owner of most of its shares, the VARDINON company has gained international recognition with its high quality upholstery.

W-GO Group started its activities in the Hungarian commercial real estate market in 1999. In the past 12 years the value of our 6 Hungarian investments has exceeded 35 million Euros.

The group's first project was the acquisition of the famous headquarters building of the company „VICO” located at Bég street in the 2nd district of Budapest. We refurbished and extended the buildings through 7 years till its selling in December 2007.

Currently the maintenance and the development of Dan Business Park, a significant office and warehouse centre  is in focus but the company's plans include other projects as well.